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Hello there, Thank you for stopping by. We’re Drapes and our aim is to craft epic fixes to real-life mind boggling challenges. Over the past couple of years we’ve gathered some crazy digital skills whilst tinkering with the web and our tool boxes. But of what use are skills in a vacuum. Realizing that with our skills we can help individuals, organizations and enterprises achieve their goals and target, we’re pretty excited to launch Drapes. We may build applications and websites, build brands and tell stories. But don’t think of us as designers or developers or storytellers. We’re your crew and we do what is necessary to enable you take the center stage and keep winning.

So far we’ve worked across a good number of sectors. We’ve crafted digital solutions in the education sector developing websites and designing brands for schools and educational social enterprises. We’ve worked in miningmaintenancesportssocial welfaresocial justicebusiness and a good number we’re unable to mention here. If you’ve got any questions shoot us an email at

Thank you.

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